Wholesale Program

Looking to wholesale cell phones unlocked? We are exactly the one you are looking for! While the bulk of our inventory is made up of Apple and Samsung products. 

We sell to small retailers, repair shops, wholesalers, refurbishers, and smaller distributors around the globe, with up to a 1-year warranty provided. We ship worldwide and drop shipping service is provided.

We have warehouses both in Hong Kong and Europe. Devices are fully tested and ready for next-day delivery in Europe.

Why Us

Direct Source & Competitive Price

Your #1 source to wholesale cell phones. Our sister site: ueephone.com is a premier online platform for buying used devices wholesale since 2012.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship worldwide and drop shipping service is provided.

Up to 1-Year Warranty

Long-term cooperation, long-term warranty.

Easy Return

7-day refund/return/exchange warranty based on the date of purchase.

All-around customer service

A dedicated account manager makes sure to keep you updated on stocks and never miss a price drop.

Service Catalog

Corporate Mobile Phone Repair Service, Corporate Mobile Phone Recycle Service, and Corporate Buyback iCloud Locked iPhones.

Accurate Grading

All devices that we supply undergo our stringent, best-in-class triage process during which they are both functionally tested and cosmetically graded. 

Simple Buying Process

We make our buying process convenient and straightforward to follow; steps goes like:

price inquiry→offer price→order confirm→make an invoice→make payment→make shipment→tracking→order finish


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